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Using an Expository Essay Outline Will Help You Write Better Essays

Using an Expository Essay Outline Will Help You Write Better EssaysMany students are curious about an Expository Essay outline but do not know what to expect. Some believe that it is a fancy writing technique and they just want the student to put their best foot forward. They are right in a sense because an outline will indeed make your essay easier to write, but there are other factors you should consider as well.The first thing you should look for in an Expository Essay outline is the introduction. You need to make sure that the introduction of your paper is powerful enough to grab the attention of the reader and entice them to read on. You want them to stop reading your essay and go read yours. You do not want the first paragraph to be a dud and the middle to be missing as well.If the introduction is weak then it will follow through with the main body. This is why it is imperative that the introduction flows nicely throughout the rest of the paper. Be sure to stay on topic and do not stray from the path you have been plotted out on. You need to take the time to build up to the conclusion.While an outline can be helpful, it is also important to get all of your points across in your essay. If you are unsure about how to structure your essay, it is advised that you not to use an outline as you will not be sure if you are doing it correctly. You will also find that using an outline can help you break down the essay into smaller segments so that you can work on them one at a time. That way if you do not like a part of the essay you can always move on to the next.A great idea that will help you in creating an Expository Essay outline is to use different fonts and spellings of the same words. By doing this you will be able to tell what each word means without having to refer back to the article itself. You will find that this helps a lot and it will allow you to develop a better way of writing your essay.In order to write an Expository Essay, you will need to know your main points before writing anything else. This will allow you to structure your essay properly without any confusions or tangents. After you have covered the topic of your essay then you can start to create your essay outline. Make sure that you are not too dense with the subject matter and that you are not too vague in your writing style.The whole essay is basically what you will be writing about. As such, make sure that you organize your writing style properly and stay focused throughout the piece. One way to do this is to plan your ideas out thoroughly and then once you have done that write everything out one by one. The last thing you want to do is find yourself rambling on in your writing.Overall, an Expository Essay outline can help you get the proper focus when you are trying to write an essay. By breaking the writing process down into smaller sections, you will be able to be more concise and less confusing.

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The Rise of Serial Killers in the 1980s - Free Essay Example

The 1980s was a time of surprising and fearful events. A lot of these events really scared humanity. One of these events was the rise in serial killers in the U.S. The 1980s, a time of shoulder pads, leg warmers and jazzercise. In American politics, it was a decade of Ronald Reagan and his vision to change the nation. Reagan and his administration had the profound influence for the way on how the Americans thought about what was going on in the country. Him and his administration realized to be able to destroy all communism in the U.S. they had to build up the military. At this time communism was a very big subject. Even though communism has been around for many years it has made its way from Europe to the U.S. For years communism in Russia and in other countries has ruled and struck fear in its people living there. Even though communism is a type of government, religion and different types of culture also take on a huge part as to what or who people believe in. The main religions people believe in are mainly Catholic, Baptist, Methodist and many more. Some of those religions that people do know of are the types that they find weird or creep y, such as people who have joined cults or groups that all live together and worship their leader. Many people are fixated on one person who they believe in the most or aspire to be like. One religion that is probably the weirdest of them all are probably Satanism. Yes, people to this day even think that is weird. But people back then thought of it as some sort of fad or false that some teens and adults went through. Although some of them never stopped believing that the devil was their all mighty and powerful ruler. Just like people believed that god and jesus was their savior. What is a Serial Killer? Many people do not know they are or what they do. Well if you can infer by the term killer, means that one, of female or male genders kill one more people. These type of people are power driven. The high and the power surge that the killings give off to these people gives them these power driven highs. Many serial killers also kill because they have gone through trauma with parents, siblings or other relatives. Many people who have gone through these traumas notice certain things their community or in other places. They start to notice things such as children cowering in fear because their parents beat them. They believe that they are doing the right thing and or adults suffering from PTSD because their father or mother were drunks and beat them. These people are susceptible to becoming mass murders or serial killers thinking that they are saving the people who are getting hurt but really whats happening is that they are the ones causing all of the damage on these peoples lives. Religion and culture also plays a big part in how people becoming or develop into serial killers. Some people who follow certain religions believe that they are Purifying the Earth such as the puritans did when they first came to the New World. The puritans wanted to purify the Catholic church with new ideas and new ways of spreading its religion. Many serial killers in the 1980s had many of these characteristics of becoming serial killers in their adult lives, such as Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy and Aileen Wuornos a few of the most famous serial killers during the 1980s. The Milwaukee Cannibal, The Milwaukee Monster, those are just a few of the names that the infamous Jeffrey Dahmer was called. Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer, was born on May 21, 1960 to Lionel and Joyce Dahmer, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As a young child Jeffrey began to feel these urges of something called Necrophilia. Necrophilia is a sexual attraction toward corpses and other dead things. Throughout the rest of his life he tortured many animals and soon escalated to young males. As his certain way of killing progressed he soon moved to cannibalism. Cannibalism is when someone or something eats its own kind. Such as humans eating humans, like Jeffrey Dahmer. John Wayne Gacy on the other hand was a cold killer. John Wayne Gacy was born on March 17, 1942 in Chicago, Illinois. He was an American serial killer and rapist who took the lives of at least 33 young males in Cook County, Illinois, burying most under his home. Gacy had a abusive childhood which took a toll on his emotional factors in the future. He also struggled with his sexual identity as a young male, in 1968 he was arrested for sexual assault and his murders were uncovered and he was immediately arrested for the murder of 33 men. He was then found guilty in 1980 then executed by lethal injection. Gacy was known as the Serial Killer Clown, he attended childrens birthday parties dressed up as clown. He had an alternative ego as Pogo the Clown. He would lure his victims in hope of construction work and later sexually assault them and later kill them by strangulation by a rope. As a child his drunk father would beat him and his siblings with a razor strap if they were perceived to have misbehaved; his father physically assaulted Gacys mother as well. He grew up with a heart condition as well as troubles with his sexuality. Aileen Wuornos one of the most notorious female serial killers. Born on February 29, 1956, in Rochester, Michigan, Aileen Wuornos was sexually abused and thrown out of her home as a teen. She made a little as a sex worker along highways and at truck stops. In 1989 she killed her first victim at a truck stop who had picked her up. She later went on the kill another five men. She was then caught and convicted. Even though her sanity was questioned she was still put on death row and executed by lethal injection in 2002. Wuornos had a very traumatizing childhood. Her father killed himself while serving prison time for child molestation, while her mother abandoned Aileen and older brother Keith, leaving them to be raised by their grandparents. Her grandmother was allegedly a very heavy alcohol drinker and her grandfather was a terrifying man who beat her. In her later year she would go on to state that she was sexually assaulted by her grandfather and had sexual relations with h er brother. In her early she became pregnant and carried to baby to full term, she later gave the infant up for adoption and soon began her work as a prostitute. After she was kicked out of her house she began to live in the woods, she would hitchhike and engage in sex work to make a living. There are many statistics for serial killers. Many male, female, and many in groups or pairs. For male serial killers a majority of these people kill because they are power-driven or they believe that they are getting rid of the evil. how many male serial killers kill because they have men in trauma as a young child or suffer from PTSD. Male serial killers are more likely to get caught rather than female serial killers. female serial killers on the other hand arent power driven or have suffered from a trauma,. They kill for revenge or a a vendetta for a child or a family member. female serial killers are less likely to get caught rather than male serial killers. Male serial killers tend to get attached to what or who theyre killing female serial killers become detached because they are only fixated on that revenge or that vendetta. Now if were talking about pair or group serial killers such as Fred and Rosemary West. Rosemary and Fred West were one of the most notorious coupl e serial killers in the 1980s. They killed over ten women in almost 30 years. They came from homes that had very traumatizing events. Fred claims that he came from a home with incest and that his father had taught him beastiality. In 1971, Fred was arrested and sent jail for theft. He later found out that Rosemary had killed his stepdaughter because she wouldnt cry while she was beating her. Once Fred was released, he convinced Rosemary to become prostitute and began to rape their daughters. They were both caught and convicted and sentenced to life in prison. Fred later committed suicide while he was custody pending trial. These people and events in the 1980s impacted the United States and its federal government agencies. The FBI, CIA, NSA and many other federal agencies were impacted after these people killed. They knew how they need to track them down. They knew how to create profiles for them and see what they saw and understand them. These agencies were able to use the information that was given to them in medical records, social media pages, and many other websites and records to understand where that person came from. What trauma they experience and what they went through as a child. They impacted the government so that can act fast in catching them before it causes mad hysteria. Yes during the 1980s it was a fearful time of communism and war but us as Americans pushed through. The Rise in Serial Killers was one of those events but it helped us in the long run. Serial Killers helped impact America because they helped the government agencies solves the murders and catch the killers. During the 1980s fearful and surprising events occurred. Many of these event was the rise in Serial Killers. And these events really scared humanity. All of the victims of these killers will forever be remembered and honored. The family can now rest easy knowing that their child, sibling, mother, father or, friends is no longer suffering.

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Impact Of The Sexualization Of The Fast Food Industry

The impact of the McDonaldization is seen in a consumer’s life at least everyday. It was enlightening to be given the opportunity to learn about this process by visiting a local restaurant called Schlotzsky’s. During my hour there, I learned how McDonaldization is all around the consumers and they should stop and take the time to learn about the effects of the industrialization of the fast food industry. There are a few things that this observation process has helped realize about the American culture. Americans do not like change and this is evident in this experiment. One example is the menu of the Schlozsky’s or any fast food restaurant: it usually never changes, and if it does, then it is a slight change. Customers expect to go into the same restaurant in Texas as in Tennessee and be able to order the exact same menu item. If the customer were to ask for an item that is not on the menu, then the worker would give them a funny look and probably tell them no. T he worker could ask the manager so that they could fix the customer’s order the way that they asked, but most likely, this would not happen. The diners in the restaurant were eating at a leisurely manner and talked with someone if they had someone with them to talk to. In most cases, the customer is usually in a hurry because they have somewhere else to be and just want to get in and out as quickly as possible. Usually people bussed their own tables because it helps out the people that are getting the individual’sShow MoreRelatedEssay on Child Development1286 Words   |  6 Pagesthe â€Å"interest in boy-girl interactions is replacing play in preadolescents†. (Winn 78) Our sex saturated media is also generating conflict in young girls’ development. The portrayal of women as sexual objects is discussed in the article â€Å"The sexualization of Girls is Harmful† by Olivia Ferguson and Hayley Mitchell Haugen. The article cites statistics of â€Å"prime-time television shows popular among children† remarking that â€Å"12% of sexual comments involved sexual objectification toward women† and â€Å"23%Read MoreThe Negative Impact of Targeted Advertising on Adolescents and Children2406 Words   |  10 Pagesgroup of people, depending on age, sex, interests or even religion. These advertisements are defined as targeted. Companies like McDonald`s, Calvin Klein, Victoria`s Secret and Coca-Cola successfully practice targeted commercials, selling apparel, fast-food, perfume, intimates and other products. For decades, targeted advertisement directed to children and teenagers was a somewhat controversial issue. Every year young people are exposed to 40,000 advertisements on television only, not counting numberRead MoreThe Principles Of Marketing Discussion Essay3684 Words   |  15 Pageslife cycle, businesspeople can make savvy marketing choices. What is a popular item today that you’ve seen go through the product life cycle? Explain the characteristics for each phase of the product’s life cycle. How can each phase of the life cycle impact the product’s brand? After learning about the field of marketing, is it different than what you expected it to be? You must use the text and at least one additional scholarly source A typical product that has gone through a product

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Prevalence And Types Of Cancer Among Urban Rural Populations

Objective: To determine the prevalence and types of cancer among urban-rural populations and their relation to socioeconomic status. Methodology: A cross sectional study carried out in three hospitals in Punjab named Mayo Hospital, Lahore, Nishtar hospital and civil hospital in Multan, Pakistan. All the new cases of cancers (all known types of cancer) were recorded during the months of August 2013 through February 2014. Details of age, sex, socioeconomic status, address whether rural or urban, stage, type of cancer and hemoglobin levels at the time of presentation were recorded after taking the verbal consent from the patients and the attendees. For data analysis, Statistical Package of Social Sciences (SPSS v. 21) software was used.†¦show more content†¦Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma with 40 cases (13.1%) out of which 26 (65%) were poor and 14 (35%) were rich, 21 (52.5%) were rural patients and 19 (47.5%) urban. Squamous cell carcinoma with 29 cases (9.5%): 23 (79.3%) were poor and 6 (20.7%) were rich, 22 (75.86%) were rural patients and 7 (24.16%) urban. Carcinoma of cervix with 22 cases (7.2%); 16 (72.72%) were poor and 6 (27.3%) were rich, 13 (59.1%) patients were from rural areas 9 (40.9%) were from urban areas. Several other rare carcinomas resembling Wilms tumor, with as few cases as 1 case in the time period of 6 months are also discussed. Conclusion: The study shows that in general, cancer is extra prevalent in poor socioeconomic status, population and those patients that live in rural areas. Further study should be carried out to observe the effects of other variables reminiscent of screening, knowledge to pursue medical attention, the time to search for medical attention, implementation of preventive methods, environmental factors should be taken into account and the geographical area should be increased so that the study can be carried on a larger scale. INTRODUCTION: Cancers of multiple types remain one of the foremost challenging and significant obstacles faced by health providers with numbers rising to an epidemic in recent years. It is a leading cause of death worldwide. In 2007 it accounted for approximately 8 million deaths (around 13% of all deaths); and exceeding 70% of these

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Understanding Business Research Terms and Concepts Part 2...

Understanding Business Research Terms and Concepts: Part 2 Ming D. Lee RES/351 April 18, 2016 Dr. Linda F Florence Understanding Business Research Terms and Concepts: Part 2 Descriptive statistics Descriptive statistics suggests a straightforward quantitative outline of a data-set which has been gathered. It helps us comprehend the experimentation or data-set in-detail and tells people concerning the mandatory details that help show the data perceptively. Descriptive statistics, we just convey exactly what the data reveals and tell us. Most of the statistical averages and numbers we estimate are essentially illustrative averages. For instance the Dow Jones Industrial tells us about the typical performance of select firms. The†¦show more content†¦The research can use strategies including surveys, observation, area experiments, interviews and quantity analysis. As it is indeed diverse in technique and utilization, some researchers favor its use in numerous disciplines including advertising, medical-health, and psychology. On the possible negative aspect, â€Å"Descriptive research† can at times be used to match the requirements of the researcher. Example: when preparing a survey, one may load the survey questions to direct the reader to respond in a specific manner. Or in another instance, a comparison between two merchandise or product, it is possible to give one commodity an unfair edge to get the wanted outcome. There are two principal limits to the usage of â€Å"Inferential Statistics†. The primary and most critical limitation, which will be present in all â€Å"inferential statistics†, is that if you are supplying data of a population which you havent entirely quantified, and thus, cannot actually be entirely sure the values/numbers you compute are right. Keep in mind, â€Å"inferential statistics† are based in the notion of utilizing the values measured in an example to estimate/infer the values that might be quantified in a population; there will be a level of doubt in this way. The 2nd restriction is linked with the primary restriction. Again, there will likely beShow MoreRelatedUnderstanding Business Research Terms and Concepts Part 21644 Words   |  7 PagesUnderstanding Business Research Terms and Concepts: Part 2 Justin Wilson RES 351 Business Research 31 Mar 2015 Biman Ghosh Descriptive statistics is the term given to the analysis of data that helps describe, show or summarize data in a meaningful way such that, for example, patterns might emerge from the data. Descriptive statistics do not, however, allow us to make conclusions beyond the data we have analysed or reach conclusions regarding any hypotheses we might have made. They areRead MoreUnderstanding Business Research Terms and Concepts: Part 2 Essay1240 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿ Understanding Business Research Terms and Concepts: Part 2 April Molley University of Phoenix RES/351 Amy Ginsburg The first article discusses the overall Health of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender people; and Building a Foundation for a better understanding. In this article you will find accompanying research on the generally health status of the LGBT community. A condition in order to review existing research on sexual-gender-minorityRead MoreEssay about Research project 1704 Words   |  3 Pagesï » ¿Research Log Project Part 1 for Note: This project received faculty feedback on 24-May-14 10:20 PM EST. Instructions: Work through each step of this log, answering each question as the directions indicate. Each step, except Step 1, will receive a grade, and the sum of these grades will constitute your total grade for Research Log Part 1. Refer to the section on how each step of the log will be graded for detailed grading information. Step 1: Select Your Research Question Top of Form 2. WhatRead MoreReflection Journal in International Business1692 Words   |  7 PagesOh no†¦. International Business. It sounded so global and dry. I was hoping that it will be somewhat similar like Marketing. However, we were told that International Business is defined as Globalisation of Business where countries are more integrated and are interdependent on world economy. Which is similar like Marketing but in a wider view. Approaching to the learning of International Business, students were told on the Problem Based Learning. We learn base on the concept of applying the knowledgeRead MoreGuidelines For Address All Of The Points Below1705 Words   |  7 PagesYou are required to address all of the points below. You may include further comments or discussion that is relevant. You must integrate relevant concepts, models, frameworks, theories and/or technical competencies (use in text references) from secondary research and other business disciplines you have studied e.g. Ma nagement, to support your discussion. THE TASK: 1. Include a copy of, or produce, an organisational chart of your organisation, showing your role and briefly discuss where your roleRead MoreSupply Chain Management : An Effective Method Of Information Exploration Essay1577 Words   |  7 Pages 1.1 An Overview of the Topic Supply chain is long and penetrates almost all business processes. The chain can extend from raw materials to final sales or deliveries to end users. It connects an organization with multiple levels of customers as well as suppliers, and acts as a channel on which to exchange information and transfer orders in terms of product flow (CIPS, 2013). The role of supply chain plays in a business determines the necessity of supply chain management (SCM) improvement. AccordingRead MoreBusiness Environment Past Papers1115 Words   |  5 PagesUnit Title: Introduction to Business Guided Learning Hours: 100 Level: Level 4 Number of Credits: 12 Learning Outcome 1 The learner will: Understand the objectives of a business, what resources they need and to whom they are accountable. Assessment Criteria The learner can: 1.1 Define and show an understanding of the important business terms related to corporate objectives. Indicative Content 1.1.1 Define and show an understanding of the terms ‘corporate aims’, ‘corporate objectives’Read MoreA Critical Evaluation Of Financial Performance Essay1689 Words   |  7 PagesA CRITICAL EVALUATION OF FINANCIAL AND OPERATIONAL PERFORMANCE THROUGH 360 DEGREE ANALYSIS LALIT MOHAN (Research Scholar) Deptt. Of ABST, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur ABSTRACT Though 360 degree analysis is related with human resource management but here the 360 analysis will include the overall analysis of operational and financial performance from every angle. In human resources or Industrial psychology, 360-degree feedback, also known as multi-rater feedback, multisource feedbackRead MoreA Business Plan For The Long Run With Csr Strategies1737 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Imagine a group of recent graduates from a highly respected and internationally recognized business school who developed a business plan together during their studies and are now planning to establish a business. They are all highly capable and all received top marks in their courses. Will they succeed in their new venture? Or like so many opening small businesses, will they fail within the first year? This hypothetical situation illustrates, that while it’s a generally accepted factRead MoreImportance of Marketing to Business1036 Words   |  5 PagesImportance of marketing to business Table of contents Introduction 3 Importance of marketing to business 3 Conclusion 5 Reference list 7 Introduction Marketing has become more and more important, especially as the purposes of marketing expanded into performing marketing researches. Through marketing researches, it is asserted that marketing starts with a real customer need. Classic marketing, has, nonetheless, focused on making the need that will draw

Rewilding North America free essay sample

The earth is a planet that contains not only human beings but also animals. Unfortunately, people do not respect animals well enough since the idea is that human beings are much smarter than animals. However, we are two different kinds that cannot survive without each other. Luckily, there are some people who care about animals and try to make people be a part of wildlife like old times. A lot of animals die because of human beings almost everyday. Most of those occur on roads and highways. Therefore, scientists research to prevent those losses. One of the most important things that they did is called â€Å"Y2Y† which is a short form of Yellowstone to Yukon. Y2Y is a corridor that includes national forests, isolated parks and most importantly it is roadless, Y2Y is not only preserve animals but it also makes people change their minds. For example, the pressure of Y2Y makes people build bridges on highways for the animals. We will write a custom essay sample on Rewilding North America or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page So that, the animals that live there have a chance to avoid the cars on the highways. In addition to Y2Y, isolated parks play a vital role of preservation of animals. Although I think isolated parks are great opportunities for animals in order to live fearlessly, some scientists strongly oppose. They claim that because of isolated parks, animals have to live in smaller areas. According to the scientists, if the area where animals live gets smaller, there will be less species exist. The scientists who have two opposite sites argue that if single large is more beneficial for animals or several small. In conclusion, human beings and animals are parts of the ecosystem which cannot be thought either one of them do not exist. In my opinion, the world would be a better place if people try to be more responsible and respectful to animals.

Strategic Integrated Marketing Challenges †

Question: Discuss about the Strategic Integrated Marketing Challenges. Answer: Introduction: Marketing is the industry through which every organization and industry promotes its businesses and products, services in the target market. This is performed to enhance the demand for the products and the services introduced by the business organizations in the target market. In modern terms, to conduct the functionalities of the marketing department, there are numerous sources are available. While in the traditional period of time, only a few were available. Yet they were effective but today's marketing techniques have the strength to change the consumer's preferences using effective modern techniques of advertisement and promotion. Under this report, research will be directed towards the role of technology in regards to the marketing. In addition to this, technologys components and their functionalities are capable enough to enhance the performance of the organization. With the help of technology, organizations across the globe can increase their products demand, growth rate, etc. Furthermore, technology helps the organization to attain their desired gaols and the objectives, as well as technology, has the strength to enhance the effectiveness of the promotional and advertisement campaigns. And with the modern technologies of promotion and advertisement, organizations could spread the awareness in regards to their products across the globe. However, there are a number of benefits available in relation to the technology in marketing while, numerous disadvantages also exist with the same. The main component of technology is internet and it has the adequate strength to gain huge positive results for the organization. Apart from this, organization could also use social media platforms; email marketing techniques, etc. to gain the consumers and to enhance the demand for the particular item or service across the global market. The major aim of this research proposal is to analyse the numerous aspects of the topic of research i.e. Impact of Technology in marketing. Furthermore, various other questions will also be covered under this research proposal in order to determine the appropriate and adequate factors available in regards to the research topic. This research topic will be conducted with the view to analysing the functionalities of leading companies of Australia which includes Wesfarmers, Woolworths Limited and Amcor Limited (Hansen Owen, 2016). All these companies are involved in the production and distribution of products and services of various categories. Wesfarmers Limited is involved in the functionalities such as retail, manufacturing, and distribution of chemicals and fertilizers, coal mining, and safety products (Thorson Moore, 2013). Woolworths Limited is also involved in various functionalities such as production and distribution of liquor products, hotel industry, retail market, etc. Along with these two companies, Amcor Limited is also known as the top manufacturer of flexible and non-flexible packaging. These are distributed across the globe and they are serving various manufacturing industries in order to provide appropriate packaging materials (Kumar, 2016). All these companies stand in the top ten companies in Australia in terms of revenue and the biggest factor behind the success of the organization and the rapid increase in the demand for their products is the involvement of the technology in the marketing techniques (Arnold Boggs, 2015). The main objectives of this research are: To determine the benefits of the technology in terms of marketing; To determine the disadvantages of the technology; Major components of the technology which has directed the various industries towards the success and the growth. Research Question: This research paper will conclude the various aspects of the research. Certain aspects which will be critically evaluated and discussed under this research paper in relation to the "Impact of Technology in marketing" are: What are the different benefits/advantages of technology in marketing? What are the different disadvantages of impact of technology in the marketing? What are the unique features or components of technology which could direct the industries towards the success and the growth? Literature Review As per Beach (2014), there are numerous aspects are available in relation to the impact of the technology in the marketing i.e. promotion and advertisement functionalities. With the implementation of the unique and advanced methodology of promotional and advertisement techniques, various industries have attained adequate growth and the success (Xia, et. al., 2010). Across the globe, various big companies, as well as small and medium level companies, have adopted the method of technology for promoting their new products and the services in the global market with the view to attain the organizational goals and the objectives. Marketing functionalities have the adequate strength to provide more than sufficient growth and positive response as expected by the management of the organizations. With the help of technology in the marketing functionalities, organizations are able to spread the awareness in relation to their newly launched products, services or the newly launched business organ ization in the domestic or in the global market audience. Promoting the newly launched products and the services in order to increase the demand for the product is the most appropriate way to enhance the sales of the organization. This will lead to the enhancement of the growth as well as success factor of the organization (Richards Schmidt, 2014). Choice of the selection of the technology for performing marketing functionalities is a big task as to which technology more preference should be given and to which not is a bit difficult and complicated task (Sharma, 2015). Organizations need to perform adequate research in order to analyse the best and suitable technique for them. Technology's revolution has been done since a very long time but in 1990, when technology was first introduced to perform advertisement and promotional activities, various challenges and issues occurred. Globalisation is one of those technologies which were introduced to enhance the effectiveness of the organizations activities. But it also leads to various challenges in relation to the marketing activities (Northcott Ma'amora Taulapapa, 2012). With the above discussion, it could be concluded that the technology has a great impact on enhancing the effectiveness of the marketing activities to promote and to spread awareness in relation to the newly launch ed business outlets, products, and the services across the globe. It could easily understand that the technology has huge advantages while disadvantages in relation to the technology in marketing also exist (Belch, et. al., 2014). The basic advantage of technology in marketing includes that the customers could avail the adequate information in regards to the newly launched products, services, as well as of new business outlets without putting much efforts. With the help of same technique, marketing activities have been treated as the most crucial functionality in the business organizations activities. The basic component of the marketing activities is promotion and advertisement of newly launched products in the domestic, international or in the target market. Effective elements of the marketing activities are social media platforms, internet sources, email marketing, display shows, sponsorship of events, sports tournaments, etc. These all techniques are the result of invention done in the name of technology. Technology could be implemented in any industry and from recent years, technology has created an effective place in the organizational workplace irrelevance to their nature of the organization. Customers can gain adequate knowledge in relevance with the companies techniques used to promote their new products and services. With the help of technology, advertisement could be made so effective which could make consumers realise the importance of the certain products and the services. Making effective advertisements and the promotional campaigns help the organization to enhance its presence in the competitive business environment (Blakeman, 2014). For instance, Amcor Limited is promoting its new type of packaging which specially designed to reduce the impact of the packaging from the environment. Apart from the importance of the packaging, the promotional campaign also defines the raw materials used in the production of the packaging which would not create a negative impact on the environmental conditions. Technology has also played an important role in enhancing the effectiveness of the marketing techniques and providing more options to the organization for promotion purpose. Before introduction of the technology in the marketing department, few methods were available such as newspaper advertisement, magazine advertisement, pamphlets, etc. which are known as the traditional methods of advertisement and promotion or print medium of advertisement (Entrepreneur, 2017). With the implementation of the technology, marketing team of every organization has got the two mediums through which they could promote and spread awareness amon gst the public in regards to the products and the services of the organization i.e. traditional methods or print medium of advertisement and digital medium of advertisement. Other advantages of introducing technology in the marketing functionalities include that they have the capability to cover large part of the audience in terms of spreading awareness in regards to the products and the services as well as it is bit cheap for the organizations too. Cost of the production will also be decreased as with the help of technology, various other factors could be improved which could remove the extra cost incurred for the production of goods, etc. (Edsa, 2017). Apart from these benefits, the primary advantage is the attainment of the trust from the consumers towards the organization and towards its products (Peter, 2015). Technology will be proven successful only when the true picture of the products and the services will be shown through the digital mediums of the promotion. As well as these mediums are updated regularly in order to make the consumers experience better and to enhance the consumers trust over the technological equipment used for promoting the products and the services (Garvey, 2014). Methodology is the crucial part of the research paper. This helps to analyse and evaluate the impact of various sections included in the research paper in regards to the "Impact of the Technology in marketing". Under the methodology section, theoretical perceptive, design of the research, data collection methods, collecting samples and the techniques used to collect the samples, analysis and the presentation of the data in relevance with the research topic, reliability and validity, ethical considerations, timeline of the research, etc. will be covered for evaluating the effectiveness of the research conducted. Theoretical perceptive of the research paper defines the possibility of conducting research. Under this research paper, theoretical perceptive in regards to the "Impact of the Technology in marketing" is being conducted. Apart from the impact of the technology, advantages and the disadvantages of the technology in regards with the same is also being covered with this research paper. As using technology to perform and to enhance the effectiveness of the marketing activities is marked as legal, hence; research on this topic could be carried without any issue (Ginsburg, et. al., 2017). The research paper has been designed in the context of the topic of this research. The research topic will be mixed with the methods of conducting research in order to gain the adequate information in regards to the impact of technology in the marketing functionalities. To analyse the effectiveness of this research, various sources such as consumers, visitors, investors, employees as well as the management of the organizations. Designing of the research is done to enhance the effectiveness of the methods used to analyse the importance of the research topic (Grunig, 2013). Method of data collection has a unique importance in terms of evaluating the effectiveness of the research paper. Under this step, various sources and the ways will be analysed from which the information will be collected for reaching to the appropriate result (Percy, 2014). For collecting the data for analysing the effectiveness of the research paper, two sources are available i.e. primary and secondary sources of data. Whereas primary sources are first-hand evidence of the information and these types of data are collected from the eyewitness of the incident, conducting surveys, etc. while secondary data sources are the sources which are collected by someone and those data are used to fulfil certain purpose. For instance, government conduct census surveys to determine the population count and it is known as primary source of data whereas companies use these data for determining the appropriate target audience for their newly launched product and the services (Hatziargyriou, 2014). Under this method of collecting response, samples and other methods are distributed amongst a large number of consumers, visitors, employees, and to other stakeholders of the organization so as to collect the large number of responses. This is conducted in order to obtain the adequate and the effective results for which the research was executed. Collecting response from small number of audience, may lead to the negative results but in the scenario of large number of collection of sample, appropriate results will be attained for sure. Questionnaires, survey forms, feedback forms, etc. could be used. Response rate will be determined through the total number of responses asked and the total number of responses obtained. In order to analyse and obtain effective results, sample size would be 100 (Jensen, 2013). Presentation of the data should be done in an appropriate manner as through this technique, better understanding in relation to the data collected and for which the research was conducted, the purpose would be determined. The collected data could be displayed under tables, charts, graphs, etc. (Kasper Kellerman, 2014). The data collected from the primary or secondary resources should be valid enough so that consumers and other stakeholders of the organization could rely upon the figures. These resources should be valid and the appropriate reference should also be given to the data collected from the secondary resources in order to maintain the transparency. The referencing for the secondary sources of data is crucial in order to build the strong relationship with the investors as investors invest their capital on the basis of history of the company, current condition of the company as well as through the figures. To attain the mark and to reduce the chances of any kind of modification in the data collected, referencing is must. With this procedure, organization will be able to make all types of stakeholders rely upon the facts and figures displayed to them (Knowthis, 2017). Apart from this, valid data will be useful for attaining the mark of getting adequate results. The data which will be provided to stakeholders should be provided in the format which could be modified. And this security should also be kept within the organization so that without authorisation, no one will be able to make wrong use of the data and the chances of modification in the data would also be reduced. For this, organization could use the password protection which is an important factor generated with the help of technology. If any unauthorised person would try to reach to the data, his details will be captured in the system and appropriate actions will be taken or before modifying the data, written permit should be taken in order to avoid glitches in the future (Kraidy, 2017). Ethical Considerations Ethical considerations define the rules and the regulations in relation to the completion of the project in an effective manner. All the considerations i.e. legal, political, environmental, social, etc. should be considered before performing the functionalities of the organization. avoiding and non-fulfilment of the ethical consideration may lead to the disturbance in the organizational performances. Hence, these should be considered adequate for attaining the expected and positive results in relation to the particular project (Lawrie, 2014). Activities Introduction date (2017) Completion date (2017) Days consumed Outcomes Background of the Research 1st Jan 2nd Jan 2 days This is the initial stage where the development of the research topics will be discussed and evaluated in order to obtain the satisfactory results in relation to the research topic. Initialisation of Research paper 3rd Jan 8th Jan 6 days This is the stage where various sections of the research paper will be conducted which leads to the completion of the research paper. Stage 1 of research paper 9th Jan 17th Jan 9 days Under this phase of the research paper, appropriate facts and the figures will be conducted from the target audience through questionnaire, feedback forms, etc. Stage 2 of research paper 18th Jan 1st Feb 15 days Collected data will be scrutinised in order to manage them in an adequate format through which stakeholders could be impressed. Representation of the data will also be done under this phase of the research paper. Last stage/Conclusion 2nd Feb 6th Feb 5 days This is the last phase of the research paper and under this phase, conclusion will be made on the basis of figures and data collected from the primary or secondary resources. The submission of the research paper will be done. Bibliography Arnold, E. C., Boggs, K. U. (2015).Interpersonal Relationships-E-Book: Professional Communication Skills for Nurses. Elsevier Health Sciences. Beach, L. R. (2014).Decision making in the workplace: A unified perspective. Psychology Press. 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